This is why you should never get a Taco Bell flight

Here’s what you need to know about the latest episode of MTV’s The Talk, featuring the newest Taco Bell ad campaign: 1.

The Taco Bell Taco Bell taco is coming back! 

The ad campaign debuted today in the US, and will be coming to UK viewers in the coming weeks.

It will feature a mix of familiar faces and brand-new faces, including a taco from the upcoming The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air series. 

Taco Bell has been hitting a winning streak with its taco ads in the past, and this is only the second time they’ve appeared in the UK. 2.

The ad is an epic, heartwarming tribute to a special family member. 

The first commercial, released in December 2016, featured a family reunion, featuring a dad holding up a Taco bell.

The new Taco Bell commercial follows in that tradition, but it also features a young boy who is celebrating his birthday with a TacoBell flight. 


The family gets a little emotional. 

After all the great memories, the Taco Bell family gets some heartwarming relief when the new flight arrives. 

“The family gets on the phone with a friend, and the friend asks if the family has any plans for their anniversary,” says The Talk host Justin Martin.

“TacoBell says, ‘Yeah, we have plans for your birthday, too.'”

The family then says, “Well, we’d like to say, thanks for the tacos.”


The first family member on board gets a Tacobell flight.

The family also gets some love from Taco Bell in the new ad, including one of the family’s best friends, a boy named Travon. 

In the previous ad, Traven was a baby who was on a flight with his family. 

Now, he’s back with a new family, which also includes a dad, mom, and baby, and Travons dad also gets to enjoy a new TacoBell-themed birthday. 


A little of the world is lost on the trip.

The boy who received the flight also receives a TacoDeluxe, which includes an extra drink and snacks for his birthday, plus a complimentary meal on the flight.

“The dad gets a taco that has the ingredients from a Taco deluxe flight, and then the dad is on his birthday at a Taco Deluxe,” says Martin. 

He then shows the family a video of his son in the seat next to him, eating a taco.

“He’s looking pretty happy,” he says.

“I’m sure he’s excited about getting a flight, too.” 


The taco truck will make an appearance. 

While the original Taco Bell video, featuring an old man in a Taco car, did not make it into the final commercial, Martin has now confirmed that the truck will appear in the TacoBell ad. 

It’s not clear when this is going to happen, but the truck is clearly a familiar face from the show, as is the other family member sitting next to the boy. 


It’s a special day for the family.

“When we went to get the flight, the dad and mom were sitting at home watching The Fresh Pint episode,” says Martins son, Tev.

“So we got them together and were like, ‘Hey, we can get the kids together, too,'” he adds. 


A big celebration!

The family will then receive a flight to meet their friends at a local TacoBell restaurant. 

As the family prepares to leave, they can catch a glimpse of Travan in a taco truck, who will be joining them on the drive to the airport.