The butterfly fish can survive on a banana peel

It’s one of the best-known foods on the planet, and a popular treat for many kids.

But can it survive in a banana?

The answer is, it depends.

For a start, it can’t.

But if you take it to the supermarket, you can make it into a salad.

It’s called the banana peeler.

But the peeler isn’t all that effective at eating banana.

The peeler can be used to peel banana, but only if the banana is ripe.

This means the peel is removed before the banana has ripened, which means it doesn’t have the best taste.

If you try to peel a banana, you’ll find it’s a difficult job.

It doesn’t get much bigger than a banana and it’s usually very hard to break apart.

But if you’re really lucky, you might get lucky enough to get lucky and break it.

This is what happened to the butterfly fish, which was caught in the Philippines.

The fish was caught by the fishermen who worked with the fishermen’s association, The Association of Marine Fisheries, in March of last year.

It was found to have a lot of parasites, and the fish was sent to a laboratory in Australia.

They tested it, found it to be healthy, and then it was transferred to the banana for further testing.

The banana peeled, but the parasite was still there.

So the banana-loving fish was put to the test again.

The next time, it was tested again and it was found that the parasite hadn’t gone away.

So, the fish wasn’t just in a terrible state, it also had some serious problems.

The banana peelers test showed the parasite still remained in the fish, and it could survive on banana.

But the researchers then tested it with a modified banana peel, and found that it wasn’t very good at eating the banana.

So that’s the test they did on the banana to see if the parasites were really gone.

The modified banana peeled banana was also found to be much better at eating bananas.

So what can you eat?

Banana is the most nutritious fruit, but not as much as you’d think.

You can eat as much banana as you like, or you can eat less.

Banana is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E. But it’s also a good source of sugar and saturated fat, so it’s not good for people who have heart disease.

Banana peelers are also good for children, as they’re low in fat, and they’re easy to prepare and use.

You could make your own banana peel or you could make a homemade version using canned fruit, or use the peelers in place of the traditional banana.

The research is still very preliminary, but if you’d like to make your way to the tropical island of Luzon, it’s suggested that you try making the peel and place it in a container of water to cook the bananas.