Why you should buy a Texas license to fish in Missouri

You can’t get caught in Missouri waters and take your family on a fishing trip, but you can have a taste of what the Great Lakes look like by having your fish caught by a Missouri license.Makes sense?You can catch some pretty awesome fish by buying a Missouri fishing license, and it’ll pay off.Here are […]

Trump’s Mullet Fish is ‘Hilarious’ and ‘Amazing’

The Mulletfish, or Mullet, is one of the many fish that President Donald Trump likes to eat.He also loves to make fun of his critics.“You are the most disloyal people in the world,” Trump told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.“I like to say, you’re the dumbest, most stupid people on Earth, and I’m very proud of […]

How to build a mullet that is fast, durable, and beautiful

We’re building a mullette.We’re not building a machine.We are building a little mullette, which we’re calling the Fisher Auto Parts Mullette.Fisher AutoParts Mullette is the result of a collaboration between Fisher, the company behind the Mullette, and the folks at The Munchkins, who are building the Fisher Mullette to make it even better.We’ve already seen […]