Which fish is the most poisonous?

The Israeli government has approved the first phase of a controversial plan to regulate the sale of fish sauce, a popular condiment made from the dried skin of fish, after a parliamentary vote.The plan, approved by the Cabinet, calls for the production of 100,000 liters of the sauce annually, but that may increase to 1 […]

When you want to have a fish taco without having to make the fish taco in the first place

The fish taco has long been an American staple.The fish has been made into tacos by a variety of recipes over the years, including fish tacos from the 1930s.Now that fish tacos are making a comeback, it seems that the fish tacos can make a comeback too.The food truck, Fish Taco, launched in September 2017 […]

How to make parrot fish and catfish in a kitchen: The basics

Posted February 11, 2018 05:00:00 This is the ultimate cooking technique.This is what I learned from my parrot chef.The parrot fisherman is a master of his craft.Parrot fish are a great, versatile dish that are usually found in Asian markets, but you can make them in the kitchen.I love to cook these fish in the […]