‘Totally unacceptable’: Australian woman faces death sentence in US

In a case that has shocked Australia and drawn international attention, a man accused of murdering a pregnant woman and her unborn baby has been sentenced to death in the United States.Karen Fisher was born with severe mental retardation, was severely disabled and suffered from severe emotional distress, according to the US Supreme Court, and […]

What do you need to know about cotyledons, huk and Texas fishing?

The COTYLE, an ancient family of fishes, is an important source of information for anglers.There are many species that are similar in appearance to cotylons.The cotyle is one of the oldest living fishes, and is a member of the clade of fishes called the “phylum” that includes the echinodermata, the shrimp and the spiny lobsters.These […]

Fishing tackle is ‘the new black’

Fishing tackle has been getting a lot of attention lately.It’s becoming more common as the fishing industry is facing increased competition from big fish like the Atlantic cod and swordfish.And, with the industry booming in the US, people are turning to a cheaper alternative for gear like tackle.But the popularity of fish tackle has raised […]