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1. #4 Hand Plane

She makes my son happy to go to school, which is his first school.We leave Bel Air Middle School with great memories.As a parent of one of those students, I became teary eyed to see such a wonderful gesture.Rosie AdamsView more Service Excellence Kudos.Clovis is served by several public schools making up the Clovis Municipal Schools:.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.She is a crossing guard and a mighty great crossing guard.Kudos to Speech and Language Pathologists and Assistants at Special Education!Thank you to all our Speech Language Pathologists and Assistants! Your hard work has enabled our students to continue progressing even under the hardest conditions! You are all amazing individuals and I am honored to work with you! Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month!Dr.We appreciate his dependability and commitment.Thank you very much!Frank GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos.Thank You Mr.Kudos to Ms.Kudos to Dolphin Terrace Elementary School faculty and staff!I would like to commend our Dolphin Terrace team of educators for a job well done! Our distance learning began as a teaching and learning curve ball which quickly turned into a home run.

Thank you for always having a smile for our students everyday.Eva GarciaView more Service Excellence Kudos.

Kudos to Teresa Ovalles at Eastwood Knolls International School!Mrs.Once again, thank you very much Ms.

Kudos to Lulu Petrosky at Human Resources!View more Service Excellence Kudos.

2. Clovis, New Mexico - Wikipedia

Fishing for trout at Lake Van was fair using salmon peach PowerBait.She always has huge volunteer groups, makes us feel welcomed and loved.Kudos to Marcos Miranda!I would like to thank the first person to arrive and attend to our former coworker Javier Herrera.It starts with the ladies in the front office and the teachers & staff keep it moving throughout the day.

Flaggert transformed a potential discipline issue into a creative learning opportunity for her students.Kudos to YWLA Assistant Principals Ms.Kudos to Jennifer Delgadillo from Accounting!Congratulations on being inducted to the El Paso Golf Hall of Fame.They provided parents with vital information in keeping our children safe and being victims of being exploited/missing.Sapien for taking the time to help the member of our community.Stephen PoblanoView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Cecelia Williams at Ascarate ES!View more Kudos.Clovis began in 1906, when the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway was being constructed through the area and railway engineers were instructed to locate and buy the first level section of land west of Texico on which to build a town site and railroad facilities.The land was bought on October 2, 1906, and the railroad began offering town lots for sale on May 1, 1907.At first known as Riley's Switch, the town was reportedly renamed Clovis by the station master's daughter, who was studying about Clovis, the first Catholic king of the Franks, at the time.Kudos to Aaron Caplinger and Ben Perez from TIS!Kudos to Aaron from TIS for coming out to Vista Hills Elementary and patiently waiting to ensure our internet servers were working properly after a major power outage on Aug 8 - 9.

3. #4 Hand Plane

Kudos to Warehouse Crew!Great Job Warehouse Crew! Great job Warehouse Crew in assisting with YISD's High School graduations! As always you come through with flying colors.City-wide district school nurses were impressed with the excellent service and delicious food that was served.

Lake conditions will be monitored and stockings will resume once conditions improve.You obtained help for a student which was perceived as urgent.Reyes and Ms.I'm excited to be part of this new team.The median age was 31 years.Delgado for encouraging Isabelle to try her best and never give up.Castillo made me feel welcome from the first day I met her at a summer training.  She has not changed since.  She is always willing to help, to talk or to listen.  I would not be doing as well as I am if it wasn't for her.  On a personal note, she is very nice and sincere.  On a professional note, she loves teaching and is very thoughtful in how she prepares, plans and delivers her lessons.  I am thankful she is here at Rio Bravo Middle School.

He went over and beyond to make sure they were put up perfectly.Fishing for trout at Alumni Pond was slow using garlic PowerBait and worms.Art, Jessica, Nino and Pilo, our custodians, helped me pack up more than 9,500 books to help prepare for the upgrade.View more Kudos.Kudos to Central Office personnel!View more Service Excellence Kudos.Cervantes's priority is the children of this campus.Thank you for being so diligent.Elizabeth SunderlandView more Service Excellence Kudos.

4. Flour Mill Rye [4MH368]

Kudos to REL Washington Elementary SchoolThank you to custodians, PTO, volunteers, classroom teachers, students, support teachers, and admin for helping make our Grandparents Day/16 de septiembre/reading celebration such a great success! #TEAMWORKRosie Rodriguez.

They went above and beyond!Sandra ColemanView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Louisa Aguirre-Baeza at Central Office!Thank you for your exceptional contribution to Capistrano Elementary School.All can say THANK YOU so much for being amazing teacher you did a huge impact in my son's life and always telling him to search for his goals in life.Idalia MoranView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Mr.Her students have been reading to their pets faithfully at school and home.

Kudos to Attendance Office at Bel Air High School!View more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Lori Armendariz at Eastwood Heights Elementary School!Lori is an amazing, dedicated, compassionate, kind nurse always willing to help students with a smile on her face.Lake conditions will be monitored and stockings will resume once conditions improve.

Kudos to Dr.For updated lake conditions visit the park’s webpage or call the park office at 575-377-1594.Kudos to Food Service at Dolphin Terrace ES!View more Service Excellence Kudos.She is so helpful and funny.Go Red!Alex CarrilloView more Service Excellence Kudos.Always smiling and keeping a positive vibe around our campus.Kudos to Mario Gomez, Carol Diaz, and Luis Valdez at Transportation!Good things come in 3's! That is true for Transportation.

5. MSN

Kudos to Luis Valdes from Transportation!Thank you Mr.Kudos to Jorge for your outstanding work!IRMS OfficeView more Service Excellence Kudos.Severe thunderstorms are often in the spring with rainstorms prevalent during summer evenings.Places to fish nearby include Costilla Creek below the fish barrier, Upper Comanche Creek, Shuree Ponds, Middle Ponil Creek, Upper Powderhouse Creek, Little Costilla Creek, Vidal Creek and McCrystal Creek.Kudos to Erka Barrientos from Edgemere Elementary School!View more Service Excellence Kudos.Thank you for all that you do.Sandy Marie RomoView more Service Excellence Kudos.

Kudos to Hanks High School Counseling Team and Mr.and Mario M. View more Service Excellence Kudos.Thank you for all that you do! You all are AWESOME!Ursula L.Kudos to Gerardo Cardenas and Edgar Hernandez at Maintenance!I would like to recognize these hard working employees for installing much needed electrical receptacles in the Head Custodian's office.

All students under your circle of influence are extremely lucky to have you.

I greatly appreciate your assistance.Elsa SalmeronView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Katherine Nance from Parkland High School!View more Kudos.Anchondo!Thanks to Robert Balandran, Pat Almeida, Laura Likarish, Laura Torres, and Fernie Anchondo for all your grit and hard work assisting with getting our students accommodated and ready for the 2016-2017 school year.

We would like to recognize the hard work of our custodian Alejandra Hermosillo and the extra help from transportation employees Felix Loya, Mario Cacho, Karla Rosales, Consuelo Reyes, Lidia Carrizales, and Herlinda Bustillo.  You have transformed our campus.

6. Flour Mill Rye [4MH368]

Kudos to Gerardo at Central Office Culinary Arts!View more Service Excellence Kudos.Villalpando, and Mr.Fishing for trout at Clayton Lake was good using various PowerBaits and nightcrawler worms.Kudos to Robert Murillo and Raul Martinez at Vista Hills Elementary School!Thank you for cleaning and having our rooftop drains free from debris which aids and prevents accumulation of standing water that may cause classroom leaks when it rains.  Thank you!Frank GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos.His seniors of 2019 would like to give him a Thank You for everything he has done.Brooke JordanView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Yanira Borjon at Edgemere Elementary School!I would like to recognize Mrs.For updated lake conditions visit the park’s webpage or call the park office at 575-377-1594.

Kudos to Mr.

Guevarra and Mrs.Kudos to Liz, Maria, and Isaac at Del Valle Elementary - SPED Resources!View more Service Excellence Kudos.Cannon Air Force Base is 7 miles (11 km) west of the center of Clovis.Severe thunderstorms are often in the spring with rainstorms prevalent during summer evenings.Kudos to Mr.Kudos to Lloyd Fulkerson at Bel Air HS!Thank you for always 'opening the door' with a smile.What a great asset to the campus!Elizabeth AgueroView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Volunteers from Ascarate ES, Cedar Grove ES, Riverside HS, Thomas Manor ES & Ysleta Pre-K!Once a month Riverside HS services 500 plus families within the El Paso community with approximately 80 pounds of groceries donated by the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank.

7. Ysleta Independent School District Homepage

Thank You Mary!!!!!!Fishing for walleye was fair using crankbaits and curly tail grubs.She has never left this counselor without access to her students or parents and numerous campus or district meetings.

She has been firm, but companionate and is very easy to communicate.Kudos to Araceli Arellano in Accounting!I want to thank Araceli Arellano for the Service Excellence she provided by assisting me with some trip requests and travel expense reports.Kudos to Mr.Reyes and Ms.New Mexico: County: ..The kids had a blast! Also, thank you for planning the Faculty Chihuahua Night last Saturday.Kudos to Emily Ponce from North Star Elementary School!Wonderful teacher! Goes above and beyond for her students.Joe Flores.It is much safer to see and not have any accidents.View more Kudos.Good luck in the Fine Arts department, they are extremely lucky to have you.Kudos to the cafeteria staff at Tierra del Sol Elementary School and the district!Kudos to Myra Cossio, LVN from Hanks High School!I want to thank Myra Cossio LVN for being so welcoming! Everyone here at Hanks has taken me in as one of their own! Working alongside Myra has been amazing! I've never worked with an LVN before, but it's a great experience to have a partner! Go Knights!Laura GuerequeView more Service Excellence Kudos.Mock Trial was the best experience I had in school, period.#KindnessMatters #RAK2019Alexander CoronaView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Larry Morrow in Transportation!Larry came in the morning and turned most buses on, as well as turning heaters on the day it snowed.

8. Taos nm arrests - honeywell-datenservice.de

Thank you!Daniel MartinezView more Service Excellence Kudos.Orpinel (5th grade) for their patience and showing great kindness & care.Clovis has a population of 39,860 since the year 2014 and since the year 2000 the population increased by twenty-two percent.

Kudos to Mr.Kudos to Hanks Interact and sponsor Monica Lopez!Hanks is SO lucky to have this great group of students, along with their amazing sponsor.  You are truly the heart and soul of not only Hanks, but the entire Hanks community.  You all exemplify what it means to be a KNIGHT!  Thank you Interact and Ms.Kudos to Pat Almeida, Counselor at Hanks High School!Thank you for all of your hard work and time you have put in helping with my daughter's schedule.  I really appreciate it!Leslie SpencerView more Service Excellence Kudos.One of the nicest persons you could ever meet.Kudos to Mario Lucero, Central Office Curriculum Development!Mario always goes above and beyond in his efforts to serve the Social Studies learning goals and objectives! He's always got a smile and a handshake ready and is committed to helping the middle school teachers succeed in boosting our student performance in and out of the classroom.William PlunkView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Mr.

A substantial percentage of its population is Native American, with residents from the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes.Kudos to Kenneth Hix, Jose Vasquez and Jorge Levario at Plato Academy!View more Service Excellence Kudos.Gaytan's heavy equipment team!This team was an awesome team.

9. MSN

This wonderful teacher takes his time to participate every year for the Special Olympics.We appreciate his dependability and commitment.Thank you very much!Frank GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos.

Sarah Mendez, Community MemeberView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to Pilar Galaviz at Del Valle High School!

One of my other campus assignments, TLCC, is looking and serving our students extremely well in its temporary location after extensive & intensive work by the staff.I want to thank Mary Ann Navarro, Elia Centeno, Juanita Martinez, and Willie Martinez for helping out our computer lab prepare for our students arrival in mid-October.It appears that the lake will be out of commission until later this year.Teamwork is excellence.In addition to the agricultural, military and railroading sectors, music has contributed to the economy of Clovis almost since the city originated.Kudos to Mrs.Joe Flores at Bel Air High School!It is with gratitude that I write this thank you to Sgt.He went over and beyond to make sure they were put up perfectly.Cannon Air Force Base is 7 miles (11 km) west of the center of Clovis.Thanks a million for all you do.Parent for bus 252View more Service Excellence Kudos.

You are extremely valued and appreciated!J.

Garcia and his Bel Air HS administration team and teachers for coming out to support our Scotties (future Highlanders) during the Sageland Micro Night.  Leadership and community begin from the top down and Bel Air sets the example! #ONEREDScottie ParentView more Service Excellence Kudos.

10. Fishing Line for April 7, 2022 - Albuquerque Journal

Rain or shine I witness hard work and dedication!! Can't THANK YOU enough.Sergeant A.As a result of your dedication and hard work for the district, it has had a profound and positive impact on the El Paso Community as a whole.  Thank You for your devotion!Christina HernandezView more Service Excellence Kudos.

We SOAR.Gloria Anthony-FloresView more Service Excellence Kudos.Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.Faculty and staffView more Service Excellence Kudos.

She is so kind, helpful and always greets.Our son was one of the winners.Octavio Sanchez at Bel Air HS!View more Service Excellence Kudos.I cannot find the words to say how much I truly appreciate her.

Serna and the Custodians at Del Valle MS West!I would like to thank the custodians at Del Valle MS West for their outstanding job taking care of our school.Fishing for trout was good using Blue Wing Olive dry flies.Rangel.Mariana MoyaView more Service Excellence Kudos.Kudos to administration and staff at Pebble Hills ES!I would like to give Kudos to administration and faculty /staff at Pebble Hills for giving me an amazing warm welcome on my first day at the campus.Streamflow on the Pecos River below Sumner Lake on Monday morning was 60.2 cfs.The Hotel Clovis, a local landmark, opened on October 20, 1931.Thanks a million for all you do.Parent for bus 252View more Service Excellence Kudos.Flores is an awesome and caring teacher.

Keep up the good work, the positive attitude, and the SMILES.Mario G.View more Kudos.

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