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When you want to have a fish taco without having to make the fish taco in the first place

The fish taco has long been an American staple.The fish has been made into tacos by a variety of recipes over the years, including fish tacos from the 1930s.Now that fish tacos are making a comeback, it seems that the fish tacos can make a comeback too.The food truck, Fish Taco, launched in September 2017 […]

Which Minnesota player is the biggest fish game fish tank stand?

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Eddie Fisher is a huge fish tank-stand.He owns one.Fisher is also one of the owners of the Minnesota Fish and Wildlife Commission.Fisher is not alone in owning one.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell owns a fish tank.But, like Fisher, the Commissioner does not own a fish stand.Instead, Goodell owns the Minnesota State Fish and […]

Man kills tiger in India

Man kills the tiger in his backyard, the Manjunath temple, on Sunday, and has also shot the animal in a nearby forest.The temple’s head priest Manjunat Das has been on the spot and has said that he has been informed about the killing.The priest said the temple had been closed due to heavy rains and […]