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Why you should buy a Texas license to fish in Missouri

You can’t get caught in Missouri waters and take your family on a fishing trip, but you can have a taste of what the Great Lakes look like by having your fish caught by a Missouri license.Makes sense?You can catch some pretty awesome fish by buying a Missouri fishing license, and it’ll pay off.Here are […]

How much does a salmon catch cost in California?

By Lisa Larson-WalkerA California salmon catches cost about $1,000 per day per angler, according to a recent report from the California Fish and Game Commission.That’s about $10,000 more than a similar fish caught in the wild, the report found.California salmon catches are a huge economic draw for fishing industries.More than 90 percent of the fish […]

Why is the US buying Chinese-made booze?

China has overtaken the US as the world’s largest importer of alcoholic beverages, according to a study released on Monday.The study, conducted by the Wine Institute at New York University, found that the US consumed over 1.2 billion gallons of alcohol in 2015, an increase of about 20% compared to 2014.Drinking in the US was […]

How to cook your own lobster

The art of lobster is a very practical, easy-to-make dish that has made its way into the culinary repertoire of people who grew up in New York City, but the dish was largely unknown to Americans in the 1940s and 1950s.Now, with the arrival of lobster in the U.S. and the popularity of seafood restaurants […]

Why are Virginia’s fish fries ‘drunk’ and ‘toxic’?

Virginia’s Fish Fry and Fish Shop have been accused of being a “drunk and toxic” establishment after a lawsuit was filed alleging the fish fry and fish restaurant is “an illegal establishment that does not meet state or local standards”.The lawsuit, filed by a group called the Virginia Fishery Commission, alleges the fish fries, which […]