‘I’m a complete wreck’: The aftermath of the Ford F-150 accident

By Simon Dunne The Irish Press More than two decades after a Ford F150 pickup crashed into a lake, it has been repaired.

A team of Ford workers spent two days clearing the wreckage from the lake at Ballymena and spent two nights clearing the site of debris.

Ford said on Tuesday that the company was “thrilled to have the project complete”.

It said it had paid a $1m loan to the community of Ballymores, in Co Galway, to help with the repair.

Ford will not reveal the total cost of the project.

It is the third major overhaul in Ireland to be undertaken in recent years, following a major overhaul at a Ford plant in Donegal and a major revamp at a Nissan plant in Cork.

The new Ford F 150 project in Donegaglig is part of a $10bn overhaul to the car industry.

It is due to begin in March 2019 and the project is estimated to cost about $9bn.