How to make a simple video clip art that will impress your friends

A clip art project that takes a simple, yet effective approach to drawing fish.

Photo: SuppliedThe clip art works by using a small, round clip on a black background and using a line to draw fish.

It’s a clever and effective way of bringing together different elements and making the whole look a little more artistic.

The clip is made from acrylic, acrylic ink, acrylic paint and wood filler.

This acrylic ink is also used in other artworks, such as watercolours and murals.

A photo of a fish with a small clipart made using acrylic ink.

Photo by the authorThis is the final product.

You can see how it’s made on the right.

The line is drawn across the fish, and the shape is created using the shape of the line.

It is really neat and clever.

A watercolour of the clipart and the fish on the left.

The final piece.

The design is really easy to do, and you can also see the difference between the two versions.

It looks a little bit different in person.

The fish is shown above in a sketch.

You need to use a line on the fish to draw it.

It’s pretty simple to make and it looks good.

The video is on YouTube, and it’s worth checking out.