How to get a fishing license in Alabama

Fish for sale in Alabama?

You’ve got to go to a license office, and then you’ve got your fishing license.

You can get it at the license office for $1.95.

Here’s how to get one.


Go to the license offices.

You’ll need a license number to get in. 2.

Take a look around.

If you can’t find a license you want to get, call the state Fish and Wildlife Department at 205-532-3511.


Call the Fish and Game Department at 204-852-2273 to ask if you can go to the Department of Fish and Gamestock.


Bring your license number.

Ask for one that says “Alabama.”

The Fish and Games Department will have it. 5.

Take your license and fill out the form.


The Fish & Game Department will send you a receipt for your fishing licence.

You will need to send it to the address on the receipt, so it’s a good idea to do it in person.

You also will need a receipt with your name on it. 7.

You need to bring this receipt to the office where you received your fishing licenses.

The license office will check the license number and your license to make sure it’s valid.

You should get your license in less than a day.


If your license is valid, you’ll be able to fish with it in Alabama.

If it’s not, you can apply for a new one online at the Fish & Gamestown website.


Check your license for any modifications, changes or additions.


The licenses expire 30 days after they expire.


You may need to renew your license each year.


There are some fees associated with renewing your fishing and hunting licenses.

Visit the Alabama Fish and Hunting Licensing website to learn more.


Contact the local Fish & Wildlife office in your area to get information about fishing in your community.


Read more about hunting licenses in Alabama at the State Government of Alabama website.


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