Go Fish Grill, Croaker fish in Dublin

Fish lovers in the city of Dublin can now order fish on their smartphones from a new local eatery called Croaker Fish.

The restaurant’s website, Croakers Fish, offers a wide range of fish, from the popular Irish cod and salmon to a variety of other fish including carp, swordfish and trout.

“Our restaurant is the first of its kind in Dublin, and we are delighted to partner with Go Fish to bring you a range of delicious fish and seafood,” said Croakers Food Manager, Pat Byrne.

“We will be serving up the fish in the most convenient way possible.

Croakers fish are hand-selected, hand-made and cooked using local ingredients.”

Croakers Fish is a new restaurant offering local food from a different perspective, a concept that the company hopes to replicate on a nationwide scale.

“The concept of Go Fish was born when we saw an opportunity to create a restaurant and a place to enjoy food and enjoy the city, and our customers were keen to come,” said Pat Byrne, Croaks Fish Manager.

The Croakers restaurant has three main sections.

One is dedicated to seafood, with a selection of traditional fish and other regional favourites.

It is located at the corner of the Rathfarnham and the Grand Canal in the heart of Dublin.

There is also a second section for other dishes.

The third section is a bar with a large outdoor area and a bar on the second floor.

Croaker is one of the few Irish restaurants in the country to offer both bar and restaurant services.

“I think it is great that we are starting a restaurant, to bring more people to the city and to have more of an impact in terms of bringing more people and the community to enjoy what we have to offer,” said Patrick Byrne.

The opening of Croakers in Dublin marks another step forward for Croakers.

“We are happy to be here and to bring this concept to Dublin,” said Byrne.

“The Croaker concept is something that has a lot of potential for the future.”

Croaker Fish was founded in May 2016 by Pat Byrne and Patrick Byrne, with two other co-owners in the process of establishing a restaurant in the centre of Dublin’s city centre.