Fish tank stand gets new life at Alberta aquarium

The fish tank stands at the Alberta Aquarium in Calgary have been refurbished and are now being used for fish.

The aquarium has just announced the addition of a fish tank in the back room of its aquarium building.

The aquarium said the new fish tank will hold up to 1,500 fish.

“We have lots of great aquariums out there, but for us, this is the best one in the whole world,” said James Jolliffe, director of aquarium operations.

“We have seen a lot of really talented people come in here and take advantage of the amazing facilities and make really nice fish beds.”

The aquarium said they are still looking for a space for a bigger aquarium, and that they have not yet finalized the space.

“There are some people that we want to add to our existing facility but we haven’t made a decision on that yet,” said Jolliffe.

The new fish aquarium is expected to open later this year.

The Alberta Aquarians said they have had no issues with the fish since the fish started living in the tanks in the spring.

“I think they are really happy,” said Lisa Smith, president of the aquarium.

“They’ve been in there for three months and they’ve really been enjoying it.”

The new fish has been installed by the aquarium staff.

“The aquarium staff have been very welcoming to this fish,” said Smith.