‘Dirty Laundry’ star Michael Landon: I’m ‘a dirty laundry’

Former “Dirty” star Michael “Dinky” Landon will be making his first appearance on the TV show “Dirt,” which is currently in production.

“DIRT” is produced by Warner Bros. Television and stars the late “Dandy” John Rizzo as former football star Joe Montana.

Landon, who died last year, starred in the series for a short time.

He also appeared in “Ducky” for two seasons on ABC.

“The Dirty Laundy” actor will play the lead role of a retired mechanic named Jack, who is also an ex-fisherman.

Lacy is expected to play the role of Joe Montana, Montana’s son-in-law.

“This is going to be a real life story and not a cartoon character, but it will be fun,” Landon said.

“It’s going to feature a real, authentic Montana, but with some twists.

It’s going a little bit beyond what we’ve seen on TV, and a lot more.”

Lacy’s role in the show will be limited to a short cameo.

The series will be based on the book by the same name by Tom Perrotta.

The book was written by Lacy, who starred in HBO’s “Ballers” and is repped by CAA and Management 360.