Cute fish caught off NSW coast

Cute and adorable fish have been caught off the coast of NSW and are being sold as a delicacy for sale.

The fish, which look like miniature tarantulas, have been sold at auctions across NSW for thousands of dollars.

The Fish and Game Department said the fish were captured off Mount Druitt, north of Wollongong, and were imported from China.

It said the species, called betta, was caught in a lagoon on the NSW-New South Wales border in December.

It also said the catch was part of an exhibition run and would not be sold.

“This species of betta was caught as part of a show that is in the process of being launched to the public,” it said.

“The fish will be available for public viewing in the show and will be sold at the event.”

We would like to remind people that the sale of this fish will not be legal, and we would recommend that anyone who has caught this fish is careful about their behaviour.

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