A New Zealand woman who caught a massive catch of a dead fish in her backyard

A New Zealander who caught her first live fish has shared a video of the moment she took the fish from a pond on her property in her Auckland suburb.

Key points: The woman filmed the moment the fish was caught by her pet fishnet catchThe fish caught and sent to the oceanThe video, posted on the Instagram account of Auckland-based wildlife photographer Chris Skelton, shows the woman standing on the side of the pond holding her pet catfish in her hand as she looks on in amazementThe video shows the catfish being dragged around in a net as the man looks on.

The video is titled ‘You’ve gotta fish, it’s amazing’.

It shows the fish being pulled through the net by the cat and the man standing next to the fishnet catching it with his hand.

The woman has since shared the video on social media.

“I saw the video and I couldn’t believe it was real.

It was a bit surreal but it was a great catch,” Ms Skelson said.

The catch is a huge one, but it took about 15 minutes to be removed from the pond, she said.

“It’s got to be the biggest catfish I’ve ever caught.”

Ms Skelston said the cat had been on her front lawn since August and was a “good cat”.

“I’ve had cats all my life but never had a fish catch this big,” she said, adding that the cat’s owner, who was in the area when the cat was caught, had not yet been contacted.

The cat is now being released back into the pond.

Ms Svelton said she hoped to see the cat go into the wild soon.

“The cat would probably be very happy with the fish.”

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