A group of friends from a fishing community in Texas are trying to bring the fish back to the state of Texas

A group that includes some of the people who started the Texas Fish Fishing Alliance is hoping to bring back fish that was illegally sold to people in a local community for a price of $20.

The Texas Fish Fishery Alliance, which has been at the forefront of protecting endangered species in Texas and the nation, has been working to raise the money to buy fish from the community of Waco, a town about 90 miles north of Houston.

The alliance is now hoping to get more donations.

They want to sell about 400,000 pounds of fish from Waco’s lakes, rivers and estuaries for a minimum of $1,500 per pound.

The fish are supposed to be sold to local farmers to sell to the local community.

They’re not expecting to sell fish to anyone for that price, however.

The group is also trying to raise money to bring fish back.

They are asking for help in the form of donations, and are working to get as many donations as possible.

This is a big deal, they say.

I can’t go into detail because it’s such a sensitive issue, but we want to make sure this does get done.

We’re trying to get the word out.

We’ve raised about $10,000, and it’s very important to us, says Mark Smith, a member of the alliance.

He says they’re trying very hard to get their donations, as well as help from other members of the community.