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How to build a mullet that is fast, durable, and beautiful

We’re building a mullette.We’re not building a machine.We are building a little mullette, which we’re calling the Fisher Auto Parts Mullette.Fisher AutoParts Mullette is the result of a collaboration between Fisher, the company behind the Mullette, and the folks at The Munchkins, who are building the Fisher Mullette to make it even better.We’ve already seen […]

Bonito fish recipes: Bonito recipes from the wild, no cookbook

Bonito Fish Recipes: Bonitos recipes from around the world, no books or cookbooks.Bonito is one of the largest fish species in the world and the world’s most popular for its tasty, high-protein and low-calorie protein.In addition to the Bonito, there are also several other bonito species, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Pacific Ring, Gulf, and […]

Which fish rule should you follow?

We all know the rules of the water, but what about when it comes to fish?It’s a tough one.Fish and chips, salmon, trout and cod are all different.Some people enjoy them while others hate them.We’ve rounded up the best rules for the best of them.1.Go Fish Rules: Eat fish with saltwater.This is an absolute no-no […]