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Which fish is actually the koi fish?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the term “Koi fish” and the fact that it’s often used in relation to fish.The term “koi” comes from the word “kohi”, which means “sea”, and comes from a combination of “koe” (water) and “pohi” (sea life).Koi fishing is a Japanese tradition.It dates back to the 1700s, when fishermen […]

How ‘Banana Fish’ Restaurants in Arowana, Texas Are Getting the ‘Bananas’ Wrong

By now, the name ‘Bananafish’ is all over the internet, and the image is everywhere.It’s not just a catchphrase for the fish that’s cooked in the fish restaurant chain, but for the entire chain.It has become synonymous with the food trucks, the fish taco and the restaurant.The food trucks are popular in Arroyo Grande because […]

What to do if you’re stranded in the wild after getting stranded

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) issued a statement on Friday to warn of the potential for the situation that has gripped people all over the country this weekend.The group urged Americans to not get involved in the situation until the storm is over, as they are currently stranded at the moment.While some states are reporting […]

What’s Cook Islands’ baked fish tax to pay for?

A group of Cook Islands fishermen and their supporters have been demanding a full refund for the tax they paid on their baked fish, saying the government needs to take more responsibility for the island nation’s water resources.“The government needs some help from the community to take responsibility for these issues,” fisherman and co-founder of […]